ALBAG production process

Each of our Albags is handcrafted from start to finish, hence every single product has its own unique character.

We set up a workshop in the heart of Spain – Barcelona, where every Albag is handcrafted piece by piece as an art of work.

We care about every single detail throughout the entire process: from the leather choices to the last stitch.

The leather we use is the best quality bovine leather, naturally tanned in Catalunya. Once the leather has been tanned and delivered to our workshop it is ready to be hand-cut into each section of the bag.

Then it is double stitched together. When the main structure of the Albag is made, its time to add other elements, such as staps, outside pockets, and buckles.

Finally, Albag is given the final quality check and it is sent to you!

You can find our bags in the best bike stores in Barcelona city, where you will be given the best advice on what ALbag would be the most suitable for you and your Brompton.

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