How to conditionate and waterproof your bag

To prevent flaking and wrinkling, you can use a conditioner applied with a soft cloth. Rub it gently all over. Use any vegetal oil that is convenient for you. We recommend mink or neatsfoot oil or leather conditioners that you can buy in any shoe shop. Our bags are made of resistant leather, they will not easily get dirty as nubuck or suede do. We use the vachetta vegetable-tanned leather, and for the waterproof model, the leather is chrome-tanned to make it water repellent. For all of our models, it is good to gently wipe the bag with a soft dry cloth in order to preserve the appearance of the leather. For untreated leather with very natural look, you should care for it once a month in order to keep it clean. In order to keep your bag waterproof (which is close to 100%), please use a spray protectant or beeswax creams which work as barrier against the water. Before choosing the product for your bag, test it first on an inconspicuous corner. To prolong the life of your bag, we suggest storing it in a dust-bag and fill it with parchment paper in order to maintain its original shape.

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