My name is Eduard Bernal, the Albag creator.

Albag started with my love for foldable bikes. I wanted a bag that was practical, elegant and versatile at the same time, but I couldn’t find it. Therefore I decided to create my first design, which can be used with or without a bike.

Every bag I make is designed to securely lock to all types of bicycles. Throughout the range you will find bags that focus on capacity, portability and versatility. No matter how you choose to live your life or how to choose to ride a bike, there is an Albag designed for you.

I have a workshop in Barcelona where I make crafts to all Albag. Here, I cut by hand each section of premium bovine leather, naturally tanned in Spain. Each bag is hand sewn to ensure a service life. Albag combines classic and timeless styles with a precise and robust construction for a bag that radiates quality in every possible way.

Albag is a people-focused business, so every material is sourced from ethical and fair-trade suppliers. Throughout the construction and distribution process, every effort is made to care for the planet and people around us.

Albag shows the world that style, practicality and ethics can mix beautifully.