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As it is a time of sales we decided to buy the leather for the new coming collection. We would like to share some photos with you so you can know much closer our passion for leather and leather bags.

The best place to go in Spain, Catalunya is Igualada: the oldest city very known for leather industry.

Nowadays the size of the leather you want to buy in calculaed automatically!It avoids the problem of the missings parts of the leather and miscalulactions of the possible bags that can be made with it.

Furthermore depending on the manufacturer you can buy the leather in different colors according to the existing collections.

It is very important to know that the bag you will buy will be completely original and the only one in the world if you wish(we can combine the colors according to your wish).

The collections made with this brown high quality Spanish leather can be ordered in bigger quantities. We can provide a continous availability of the brown models. In the case of the colorfull ones, the availability has to be confirmed.

As a result when all the raw materials are ready we can start sewing! Our team and collaborators have more that 25 years of experience.

That is why we can confirm the small and big productions in 2-4 weeks time maximum (if the model you like is not available in stock).

In conclusion it is a great adventure to design and to create!Please do not hesitate to ask us questions abour fair trade, vegetal tanning or eco subjects!

Enjoy it!

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