Sustainability becomes not only very popular but also totally necessary!The earthy sources are very limited with the “human help” year by year!

That is why we work only with the responsable leather manufacturers fully aware of the importance of being carefull with the nature around us.

The aim of our partners is to reduce every year the energy consumption and CO2 emissions at the same time as to reduce waste and machines cycles.

The quality of the leather is assured and safe for the nature as the manufactturing rules become very strict:

– Unhairing process without sulfur thru the use of an oxidative liming

Chromium-free tanning

– Recycling program of re-use of the waste for green projects

Please find below interesting website explaining the projects in process promoting and improving environmental importance: 

There are many ways to produce but Albag wants to make a difference!

Our key points in chosing partners are:

  • environmental awarance
  • social care( no children involved in production)
  • economical fair trade ( fair price for leather and labour)
  • zero km: working with local SPANISH community ONLY

Before you buy a bag make sure it comes from sustainable process!

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